SJ Cora sounds like PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor meeting at a cosy party of The Pixies.

She follows an artistic instinct and creates her "Bohemian-Indie-Sound"   


I am happy to announce my collaboration with the wonderful artist Tanja Prill ( . She will draw a picture to each of my songs of the album "AUTOMAGIC" ... which is not released yet, but the first single " Your Friend Forever" will be released soon. Here is Tanjas Version of REBECCA, the protagonist of my first single.... 

REBECCA tries to feel but will not succeed. Her face is made out of "frubber", her body is cold and dry. I think she could be the sister of SOPHIA, who knows?! 

Next concerts DUO with Clemens Gutjahr (piano/keys/sounds)

Berlin, 28.4.´19       Wilde Küche

Berlin, 29.4. ´19       Z-bar